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(In theoretical physics)

Time spent in the ideation process of bad ideas. Credit: own work.

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Or: how will I interact with a quantum computer, and what can it do?

Interior of IBM Quantum computing system. Photo by IBM.

Or: how to do multiplication on a quantum computer today

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Or, who wears it best: scientists, Scientologists, or the scientistic?

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What did you learn last week?
Last week you learned about the high-level structure of quantum algorithms, especially those with oracles. You’ve also seen the detailed implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm and how it makes use of the quantum primitives: superposition, quantum logic, phase logic, and uncomputation.
What will you learn this week?
This week you will…

Recorded lecture. Warning: this a 1-hour video!

Chris Ferrie

Quantum theorist by day, father by night. Occasionally moonlights as a children’s book author. @csferrie

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