Amid the Cosmic Chaos: One Reason to Love the Universe This Holiday Season

Chris Ferrie
3 min readDec 14, 2023

As the holiday season rolls in, bringing with it a time for reflection and joy, our thoughts often wander to the vast expanse of the universe. In my upcoming book, 42 Reasons To Hate The Universe (And One Reason Not To), my coauthors and I delve into the quirks and challenges that make the cosmos a not-so-festive place. Yet, amidst this cosmic chaos and apparent indifference, there lies a singular, profound reason to appreciate — and perhaps even love — the universe.

The universe’s overwhelming vastness can evoke feelings of existential dread, but this holiday season, let’s flip this perspective. This same vastness brings a sense of awe and wonder, a reminder of the endless possibilities and mysteries waiting to be discovered. It’s a cosmic canvas that ignites our imagination and fuels our dreams.

Here lies the titular “one reason” not to hate the universe: the sheer improbability and beauty of existence. Despite the universe’s many inhospitable aspects, it has conspired in such a way to allow life to emerge and thrive, particularly on our unique planet. This miracle of existence, against all odds, is something to cherish and celebrate, especially during this season of wonder.

42 Reasons To Hate The Universe is a science book, but it’s not just a science book. It is a witty and ironic guide to the universe’s indifference. From the oxygen that’s quietly plotting against us (Reason 2) to the fact that you can’t even drink the water (Reason 23), each chapter unveils surprising and thought-provoking aspects of our cosmic home. It’s dark, it’s bleak, but man, is it funny. Luckily, we’re not releasing it during the holiday — though the Scrooge in me thought about it.

Of course, as scientists, we actually really do love the universe. The grandeur of it reminds us of our connectedness — not just to each other, but to the cosmos itself. The elements that make up stars and galaxies also reside within us. Even in the naturalistic perspective of science, the universe is us. We don’t merely reside in it — as if there were somewhere else to go — we are a part of it. During the holidays, this sense of unity and connection to something larger than ourselves resonates even more profoundly.

This holiday season, take a moment to look up at the stars and appreciate the universe’s beauty. Despite its challenges, the universe is an incredible, awe-inspiring place that we’re a part of. It’s a vast, mysterious cosmos that deserves our admiration and gratitude. While there are many reasons to be daunted by the universe, there’s also a significant reason to admire and be grateful for it — our very existence and the opportunity to explore and understand the vast cosmos.

For now, during this time of reflection and joy, let’s find some reasons to love the universe and all those things (you, me, and everyone else) that make it rare and unique. And if that’s too sappy for you, don’t worry — there are 42 other reasons to think the opposite come 7 February 2024.

As the year draws to a close, what are your thoughts on our place in the universe? Do you find a certain charm in its chaotic, unpredictable nature, or does its vastness inspire you? Share your reflections and join in the holiday cosmic contemplation.

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