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Crowdfund: $QUANTUM

What is $QUANTUM?

  1. Backers send ETH to the crowdfund in exchange for $QUANTUM tokens
  2. If the target is hit, I will hire a research student for one summer to carry out the research under my supervision
  3. All research artifacts (including a final report) will be posted on Mirror as permanent, public data
  4. The research will be minted as an NFT on the Zora protocol, representing the first digitally unique and collectible research artifacts
  5. Each figure/illustration will be minted as an NFT on the Zora protocol
  6. If any NFT is sold, ETH will accrue to $QUANTUM tokens
  7. $QUANTUM tokens can be traded like any ERC-20 token
  8. Participants in the crowdfund will be embedded in the research artifacts forever as the supporters who made it possible

What is the research project?

Why crowdfund research?

  • Most funding bodies fund large-scale projects — there are no places to request small grants for this kind of research.
  • Funding bodies are large bureaucracies with archaic and opaque rules and selection procedures.
  • Conventional research proposals take months to craft and have low success rates (~10%).
  • The public (who fund most of the research through taxes) has no say in what gets funded.
  • Funding bodies demand research leads to measurable impact — basic, fundamental research is usually unfunded or oversold.
  • Small projects provide essential training opportunities for research students.
  • Small projects are… well, small. They are easily forgotten when researchers must battle for large grants.
  • I can be frank and personal about the research proposal and not be forced to write academic drivel.

Who am I?

How will this work?

  • Retain student throughout the year part-time (3 ETH)
  • Simulations on a quantum device using, e.g., Amazon Bracket (1 ETH)
  • Software developer support (1 ETH)
  • Gold open-access publication charge (1 ETH)
  • Send the student to a conference to present their research (1 ETH)

When will this happen?



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