Quantum Astrology: The Unholy Matrimony of Misunderstood Science and Celestial Guesswork

Chris Ferrie
3 min readNov 7, 2023

Attention Conservation Notice: Rant incoming. You’ve been warned.

In a world that seldom ceases to amaze, every so often emerges a notion so bewildering that it challenges the very fabric of rational thought. Enter Quantum Astrology, a flamboyant circus act that attempts to marry the austere science of quantum physics with the whimsical realm of astrology. But before you get dazzled by this spectacular show of intellectual acrobatics fit for a toddler’s jungle gym, let’s take a moment to debunk the masquerade.

Quantum Astrology proponents preach the gospel of a profound connection between the cosmos and human consciousness, invoking the principles of quantum physics to legitimize their claims. They assert that this unholy union unveils a “standardized cognitive model of reality” among other vagaries, providing insights into the nature of our existence. Ah, the sweet allure of pseudo-profound bullshit.

But wait, there’s more! Quantum Astrologers don’t just stop at generalizations. They delve into the nuances of natal charts — fancy-looking and technical-sounding tea-leaf reading — promising a broader spectrum of understanding through quantum-colored goggles. Apparently, the cosmos speaks a quantum dialect only the enlightened astrologer can decode. Meanwhile, stars and planets do not give a shit about you or when you should plan your next spirituality-swapping Tupperware party. Besides, “speaking their language” would, at best, be solving the mathematical equations of quantum physics, not stringing together barely grammatically correct sentences laden with quantum jargon.

And then, there’s the claim of past lives and soul journey exploration. According to these modern-day mystics, Quantum Astrology, in cahoots with Quantum Healing, holds the keys to unlocking memories of past lives and discovering our “galactic heritage” and “Starseed origin.” You’d think this was just obscure bullshit found in the lower recesses of the YouTube dumpster fire — but no, it’s actually from an “accredited” course from an otherwise legitimate online university. Luckily, as a cosmic voyager, you can probably find an employer willing to recognize that degree on another planet.

Quantum Astrologers also have a penchant for drawing analogies between human relationships and quantum entanglement, a legitimate quantum phenomenon. They employ some cartoon version of this otherwise complex principle to explain the connections between love-struck couples or biological twins, conveniently bypassing any logical scientific framework. Here, the quantumy stuff is meant to provide the foundation, while the astrological nonsense is the flair.

Misappropriating quantum physics to prop up astrological fantasies is not just a disservice to the scientific community but a brazen attempt to veil ignorance with a facade of intellectualism. Quantum Astrology does not represent a convergence of science and mysticism but rather a desperate plea for legitimacy from a practice rooted in, putting it as charitably as possible, conjecture.

As we traverse through the maze of Quantum Astrology’s claims, what becomes glaringly apparent is the profound misunderstanding of basic scientific principles. So, the next time someone mentions Quantum Astrology, perhaps a polite eye roll would suffice. Though, in my book Quantum Bullsh*t, I’ve given a license to kick them in the shins and run away.

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