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The dirty secret these qubits don’t want you to know

A gentle introduction to quantum tomography

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Who are you?

What’s wrong with this damn quantum computer?!

You can edit this circuit at the IBM Quantum Experience.
Output of the IBMQ simulator.
Results of Job Id: 5f8c148378be7e00136806de.

You have 5 seconds to tell me the state of this qubit or the cat gets it! Or, maybe not — no one can know for sure

All’s fair in coins and qubits

Let’s draw

Learn all the quantum data

Figure 1 of Quantum certification and benchmarking by J. Eisert, D. Hangleiter, N. Walk, I. Roth, D. Markham, R. Parekh, U. Chabaud, and E. Kashefi.

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Calibration information of the device the teleportation circuit was run on.

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